March 2016 archive

Ella Sanders: A Cosy Winter

ES 2

As the seasons begin to change from the warmth of Summer and Autumn begins to creep steadily toward Winter,  I find myself excited for the anticipation of Winter fashion.

Ella Sanders is a Victorian based Australian company who I have recently discovered and am in love with! Their exquisite knits and beautifully crafted pieces are just divine. The quality of these pieces really do speak for themselves, being made from the finest natural fabrics and 100% Merino wool for the winter collection.


Monochrome Magic

PP 1
I think it would be safe to say that most women would have at least two or three.. or ten black pieces of clothing in their wardrobe. Black is one of our staples, it goes with everything and is flattering on I would say every body shape. “Black can hide a multitude of sins”, so my mother tells me. (more…)

Beauty and the Beach

Bare Sandals 7

Mona Barefoot Sandals


I’m a girl who likes a bit of glam…ok quite a bit of glam! I often find myself traipsing down to the beach, only five minutes away in our gorgeous Western Australia. So that being said.. Enter Bare Sandals.. When I came across these beautiful pieces, I immediately knew I had to get my hands on some.


Print Hall- Evolution in the City

Anoushka, Grady and AngelineLast Thursday I had the great privilege of attending a luncheon at Print Hall.

One of Perth’s finest restaurants, Print Hall has fast become an institution in the Perth social and culinary scene.  I had heard the restaurant was evolving and was excited to hear what was to come!