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When it comes to style there are hundreds possibly thousands of takes that each and everyone of us could have on which John Taylor watch is perfect for you! Being the co-creator I have access to every style and I am kind of glad for that.

Every five minutes I change my mind on my favourite style and why. Let me give you a break down on my thoughts on the six different styles. Keep in mind that this is purely my opinion and there are no hard and fast rules on any of the styles. I love how everyone can be as individual as they like.

Picture of a hand and the John Taylor Byron watch

THE BYRON: The Byron, a famous Australian beach, is to me is our most traditional design. A classic tan strap paired with silver hardware is the ultimate traditionalist. A pair of Chino’s for a guy with a white linen shirt, add in the Byron and you are ready for drinks on the terrace for a sundowner. For a woman, the Byron watch is gorgeous with dark blue skinny jeans and also that same white linen classic shirt. I would even make the look pop with a red lip.

A hand and the John Taylor Noosa watch

THE NOOSA: The Noosa is stunning, clean and crisp white face, with rose gold hardware. I would call Noosa our feminine watch but the call is yours, if you’re a guy who rocks blush and rose gold GO for it! Typically when I look at the Noosa I think pearls, chambray blues and white skinny jeans.

A hand and jacket and the Cottesloe watch John Taylor

THE COTTESLOE:  Many people that I have talked to on my travels have assumed the Cottesloe with it’s black face and brown strap is decidedly a male watch. I actually disagree. I believe the black face and tan strap is such a gorgeous strong style and I have worn it myself with either blue jeans and a black top or even a more day appropriate black dress. The Cottesloe also look fabulous with a dark denim over-sized jacket.

The John Taylor whitehaven watch on the arm of a lady at a cafe

THE WHITEHAVEN:  The Whitehaven is certainly a statement. All white it is fresh, minimal and clean appeal makes me imagine white bohemian flowing dresses. The Whitehaven surprised me with it’s versatility. I have worn this during the day with a more relaxed style and even at night with a beige short dress and strappy nude heels.

A jacket and arm and coffee cup and the Bells watch by John Taylor

THE BELLS: A unisex style and once again an understated elegant watch. Black on black design is truly a gorgeous addition to any outfit. Today I paired a short denim dress with black tights and boots, the Bells looked amazing. Definitely a standout accessory, yet didn’t overwhelm in any way.
woman's watch black and gold in Hong Kong

THE BONDIThe Bondi is certainly elegant, black face with gold hardware immediately dresses up any outfit. My dad being a professional is often having to be quite well dressed day to day and the Bondi was a natural choice for him. I think for a man, this style, is a confident expression of style. For a woman I love to pair the Bondi watch with lots of gold rings and bracelets to bring out the gold hardware.

woman's watch the noosa with blush lace

If there was a word that expressed our John Taylor Watch Collection I would say versatile. There isn’t a style I wouldn’t wear, yes I am slightly biased but I do believe in what I have helped to create. I would LOVE to see what style you end up choosing and how you make your watch work with your lifestyle.


  1. Sarah S
    December 14, 2016 at 10:50 am (1 year ago)

    Great post!

  2. Aubrey Ballard
    December 21, 2016 at 1:22 pm (1 year ago)

    All of these time pieces are so beautiful! I think my favorite might have to be the Bells- I love it’s sporty feel!

    Xo, Aubrey |


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