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January is always a fabulous time of new additions to add to my list of favourites. I thought I would showcase a few of my favourite things. Above are some of my current desktop favourites.



anoushka-marie-jurlique-perthLast week I was lucky enough to be treated to a Jurlique facial in the city. Jurlique is located at Wesley Quarter in Perth City. For those of you who don’t know about the skincare brand Jurlique let me give you some background. Jurlique was created back in 1985 by a dynamic duo Dr Jurgen Klein a biochemist and naturopath and his wife Ulrike Klein. Together they created a company dedicated to creating beautiful skincare that connects people back to nature.


Perfect Blonde – Element Aveda Lifestyle


I have been a blonde now for almost four years and in that time my colour has been a work in progress. My natural colour is a very dark brown. Needless to say for all you blondes out there you can imagine my first year or so was spent trying desperately to get rid of all the orange and brassy tones.Fast-forward to 2016 and my colour is still a work in progress…I am always subtly changing the colour and trying to get to my perfect blonde. This is where my experience with the Element Aveda Salon in Subiaco began.


Built on the right Foundation

Foundation types

For many years I have viewed foundation choice as a fairly easy decision, colour check, functionality check, brand check…done and off I go. However, the other morning whilst popping on some new foundation I realised it might not be as cut and dry as I first thought. I layered on some new foundation I had purchased online, on faith picking out the shade I thought would suit me.